Pardon my use of the Minnesota vernacular, but Jack Evens is a nice guy.  An incredibly talented photographer, with a unique vision and technical mastery of his art.   When you hear him talk, you'll see what I mean.   We interviewed him extensively for the next edition of Lakes Country Living.   Believe me, he's every bit as soft-spoken, humble, and pleasant in real life as he comes across on camera.   And when you see his work, it will blow you away.   At least, it did me - and I'm not usually "wowed" by photography.   Jack owns the Lake Wobegon Trail Gallery, so if you happen to be cruising down I-94, stop by the gallery in Freeport (open weekends) or in Albany (open other days).   You won't be disappointed!

Or just wait until we complete this episode, and you can either watch it on Lakes Country Living or see it on our Youtube channel.  I think you'll agree, Jack Evens is the real deal.

But wait, there's more!   Also in the next episode, meet talented jazz guitarist Mel Lamar, and visit Dan Mittendorf's grass-fed dairy.  Only on Lakes Country Living, the Real Deal.