"Summertime, and the living is easy..." so goes that old classic that may ring true for some people, unless you're a video producer.  When we're not filming for this show, we often are busy producing videos for clients - small businesses or non-profits here in Lakes Country.

This past week has been especially busy.  Jackie produced a little piece for the Battle Lake Alliance Church's 100th Anniversary Celebration, held on Sunday.   She's also been gathering extra footage so we can wrap up videos we are producing for the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum, the Prospect House and Civil War Museum in Battle Lake (the thumbnail is a detail from one of the displays), and a new video we're working on for West Central Initiative.

Here's a quick snapshot of an incredible museum, celebrating the rich history of Minnesota's lakes and the classic vintage boats that are so... well, they’re cool! Surrounded by beautiful lakeside gardens, discover one of Minnesota's best-kept secrets - the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum, in Alexandria!

Tomorrow we're getting one of our last interviews for a story on a USFWS wetland restoration project, Thursday we're getting a few more shots for the website we're building for a local petting zoo, and Friday we film interviews at Otter Tail Power, then possibly head up to Moorhead for another project.

When we're not filming, Jackie's editing videos for Lake Region Arts Council or stories for the next installment of Lakes Country Living.  I'm working on a couple websites.  Needless to say, our lawn is overdue for a good trimming and the garden needs weeding!