I'm not sure viewers realize the distance we go to get good stories.  Our latest show, just released to the television stations, includes: a story filmed in Milan, near the Minnesota River between Appleton and Montevideo; another story filmed near Finlayson, just off 35W between Sandstone and Moose Lake; and the last story filmed just north of Ashby on Minnesota 78.  

I always try to add an element of interest to the end credits, and in this episode I assembled a few video clips we filmed at Franz Jevne State Park.  I didn't know this primitive park even existed - it's located on the Rainy River - but we were traveling the road from International Falls to Baudette when we saw the sign, and shot the pictures.  

Yes, the opposite shore is Canada.  It looks like a stone's throw, but I wouldn't want to try swimming across with that swift current to contend with, not to mention the whitewater rapids.   You can literally see the downhill slope of the river.

I thought I'd share the raw video with you here, so you can also enjoy the natural sounds of the location which may be obscured by music on the television show.  Enjoy a brief escape to the northland!