A Work in Progress

Each viewing season consists of sixteen half-hour episodes.   In each episode there can be two to four different feature stories, and sometimes the entire show is covering just one story.   For example, the first episode of Season Four (airing 2013-2014) was dedicated to touring the Lake Wobegon Trail; the video clip at left is just a short excerpt.

In the current season we have stories from across rural Minnesota, from the beauty of the Canadian border to the Minnesota River, from Sturgeon Lake to the Red River Valley, and many points in between. Click here to see what stories have already aired in Season Four.

Click on the Seasons below to see stories and video links from previous years.  At this time we don’t have entire half-hour shows available to watch, only individual stories.   But stay tuned; that could change!

Season One

These programs first aired in 2010-2011 viewing season.

Season Two

These programs first aired in 2011-2012 viewing season.

Season Three

These programs first aired in 2012-2013 viewing season.