Stephen Henning
Producer/Director and Host

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Steve’s career path has included roles in the fields of economic development, marketing communications, fine arts and publishing.
“I had unique mentors growing up, that have shaped my avocational interests. In my past there are farmers, conservationists, artists, pioneers, men and women of faith who have profoundly influenced my life and who I am today. Lakes Country Living gives me the opportunity to use my professional skills to tell stories about people, places, history and nature – things that I have a passionate interest in.”

When not on TV, he also stays busy as a nationally known artist; his work may occasionally be seen in the background on some episodes of Lakes Country Living. To see more, visit his website at



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Jackie Henning
Associate Producer and Editor

A graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design (photography major), Jackie has been involved in many creative endeavors that always seem to bring her back to the camera: theatrical set design and publicity photos, commercial backdrops, custom interior faux painting. Her sense of composition and lighting add to the quality of the Lakes Country imagery.  She enjoys working with digital media, too.


Kwende Kiemle

Kwende Kiemle is a talented young film-maker who shot much of the footage you'll see in Seasons One and Two.  Some of his footage is used in Seasons Three and Four, too.  Home-schooled by his parents, Kwende has been interested in cinematography as long as he can remember. He has produced several short films and recently participated in a film-making project in Colorado. Motivated by faith, Kwende hopes to continue honing his skills and create media that is God honoring.

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