Almost 60 million people live in rural United States. Perhaps you're one of them, or want to be. Lakes Country Living is all about life in outstate Minnesota. Each episode is a fascinating half-hour journey to visit unique people, places and points of interest - elements that make this area a great place to live and a fun place to visit.  We celebrate the rich history, natural resources and culture in this part of God's country. We champion the rural communities, farmers, artists, entrepreneurs and others who contribute to the area's rich quality of life.

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We hope you find our stories entertaining, educational and even inspiring. Perhaps you'll see something you'd like to try for yourself, or get an idea that can be helpful in the community where you live. If you don't vacation or live here already, then maybe you'll want to pay a visit to Lakes Country sometime. We invite you to come and experience it firsthand.

Like the people in our stories, we'd like to meet you!