Lakes Country Living is an assumed name of Advance Marketing Services, Inc. (AMS).   Since 1990, AMS has helped to market and promote businesses, artists, non-profits and ministries in the global marketplace.   

In 2010 we received, indirectly through an associated non-profit, a Legacy Fund grant from Lake Region Arts Council to produce 12 artist profiles in video, with an online market presence.   That was the seed from which this tree grew.  So far, we've filmed over 200 stories, with over 50 of them focused on the arts.

The original idea was to take the camera into an artist's creative space, discuss his or her artistic process, and help the viewing audience gain insight into the artists' work.  Whenever possible, that is still our approach. Whether it's visiting a farmer as he pulls potatoes out of the ground, or watching a store owner rinse ludefisk in the back room, we try to give viewers the sense of firsthand experience, seeing rural life up close and personal. 

Staff Profiles

Production Notes for the Technically Inclined