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Our "Lakes Country" theme music was created and produced by Twin Cities-based musician George Halama.  George and Stacy Hanson did the vocals, and instrumentals were provided by Mark Allen.  Recording and mixing by Hidden Room Studio.  [Coincidentally, George Halama grew up in Waskish, MN.   The photos on this page and at the top of our Home page are of Upper Red Lake, at Waskish.]  

I also want to acknowledge some other very talented musicians who have graciously allowed us to use their original creations from time to time.  A big "tip of the hat" to:
     Folk musician and songwriter Patty Kakac, of rural Evansville, MN.
     Pianist and composer Keith Martinson, of Alexandria, MN.
     Fiddler extraordinaire Bob Hilke, of Hartford, CT.

When we first began producing Lakes Country Living, we borrowed JVC video cameras from the local access channel at Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association.  In the fall of 2012 we acquired a Canon 60d, and immediately fell in love with the quality of the color, not to mention the joy of readily changeable lenses.  In the summer of 2013 we added a Canon Mark III, and currently everything we shoot is dslr.

We edit in Sony Vegas Pro software, and love it.   If I have forgotten to mention a detail that you are curious about, please contact me.   I'll try to answer as best I can.

                                           Stephen Henning
                                           January 6, 2014