When I was homeschooling my youngest daughter, one of my parental mantras was "bored people are boring people."

That's my attitude about summer visitors to Lakes Country.   There is no excuse in the world for being bored around here.   If you're planning a vacation, or come here for the season, here are some suggestions (each hyperlink is for a video from seasons past) to break out of your usual routine and get to meet some real Minnesotans.  Hey, we're friendly.  Just ask and we'll tell you - maybe even more than you want know!

If you have kids, animals are always a fun diversion.  Some cool places to visit for the day are Hemker Park & Zoo in Freeport, or Erickson's Petting Zoo near Alexandria.   Sherwood Farm near Sauk Centre is a rescue farm for animals.

If it's a rainy day, you might enjoy visiting a local museum.  In Little Falls you'll find the Minnesota Fishing Museum a fun place to explore.  Montevideo is home to Chippewa City, an old-fashioned village complete with boardwalk.  It's run by the Chippewa County Historical Society, which also maintains the Olof Swensson Farm Museum.  If you enjoy history, you'll find the WPA-era Brandon Auditorium a delight, and I can't overlook neighboring Evansville's Pioneer Village!

I'm not even scratching the surface, so check back soon... in my next post I'll list several fun places for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Then there's the arts.   And unique Main Street businesses.  And where to find a wide variety of locally grown produce.   My list is long, so please subscribe, and share this info with your friends!