Fred Keller, at St. Paul's Union Depot

Fred Keller, at St. Paul's Union Depot

We have a very interesting show that will start airing this week and - okay, I couldn't resist having a little fun with the headline for this post.

One of our stories is about songwriter/mandolin player Fred Keller.   Those of you who regularly attend the Phelps Mill Festival or are into bluegrass music might recognize Fred as the mandolin player from the Whistlepigs String Band.  The band dissolved a few years ago, and Fred has been pursuing a solo career.

The answer to my ridiculous question is a resounding yes, of course.  As you will see when you watch our interview, Fred is a passionate historical musicologist as well as a Minnesota history buff.  He's been researching obscure stories from Minnesota's past, and setting them to his own unique musical style, developed from the southern roots of bluegrass tradition. Intelligent and very articulate about his field, and without argument an incredibly talented instrumentalist, too.

Please let us hear from you after you've seen the story.   And please share this with your friends.